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  • The Faded Poppy has just one aim, to create beautiful weddings, parties & events from small budgets. Our specialty is vintage, rustic charm with a hint of whimsical where and when appropriate.

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By choosing Edensview you match the significance of your special moment with the majestic vista of the Shenandoah Valley. Edensview property is six secluded acres located on top of Piney Mountain in Stanley, Virginia.

Our venue includes one of the best westerly views of the Shenandoah Valley, serenity, and privacy. From Edensview you can enjoy sunsets memorable for a lifetime with nature wrapping a unique well decorated yet comfortable log home. You can choose an inside event in the spacious open floor plan, or enjoy the sunset from the lengthy deck or lawn. We specialize in rehearsal dinners, weddings, and other small events of 40 guests or less.

$700 for the Event Venue Only (the day of the event)
$500 plus applicable rental rates should you choose to also stay at Edensview (2-night minimum), rates due not include taxes.

Our recent event was a small wedding. The couple used The Faded Poppy out of Waynesboro, VA to make to make all the details come together.

The couple had a Wine and Chocolate ceremony, why not! “The glass of Wine symbolizes the sweetness you have found with one another. But the Wine Glass is only half filled as a reminder of your individuality and inherent wholeness. While the single glass represents your married life together. As you share the wine from the single glass, so may you share a future sweetened with contentment, peace and fulfillment. Dark Chocolate represents…the opposite of sweetness. Any bitterness, fateful decisions or seeming bad luck you’ve experienced in the past has been transmuted into the happiness you feel today. Therefore, the dark chocolate is a reminder that all of that darkness is behind you — and will find no place in the love your share.”

The couple held a family style rehearsal dinner on Edensview deck, Mother Nature obviously was attending. They held the rehearsal dinner at the top of the mountain and the next day were married at Shenandoah Woods Pavilion at the bottom of the mountain.


We feel Edensview is an ideal location for a bridal or groom party to get ready for the big moment and the photography opportunities abound. Edensview does not charge any additional fees for these gatherings but ask that you may share some pictures with us.

Here Comes the Bride

The Bridal Party Getting Ready

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